1. Old English (denoting religious devotion or a form of liturgy), from Old French servise or Latin servitium ‘slavery,’ from servus ‘slave.’ The early sense of the verb (mid 19th century) was ‘be of service to, provide with a service


Workshops here at VCW are kept small in size (never more than eleven writers, often fewer than six). They are organized to be interactives and focused on very specific topics: Introduction to Coaching, Polishing Your Memoir, Writing Flash Fiction, Women Write, Travel Stories and the The Novel, to name a few.  I also offer master classes.

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A consult is one or more private appointment(s) with me to discuss whatever may be on your mind connected to writing. You may have questions about ideas you have for a project or work in progress. You may want to know if your work is at the right stage for coaching, a manuscript critique, or to polish for a publisher.  If your project has ground down, is one you started long ago and need to revive, or is something you need to talk to an editor/coach about for some reason, I’m here.
I also offer consults to people who might wish to talk to someone with my training about such things as essay exams for college applications, books to read to prepare themselves for writing, even stuck dissertations. I can tell you when we talk, if I’m unable to consult on what you need. I consult in person and by phone.

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Coaching is one on one with me on an ongoing basis. Most of the writers I work with are serious ones, and choose this option as the best road to publication. Coaching with me is unique because I have training in literature, creative writing and psychology.  If you decide on coaching tutorials with me, you will become a real working writer. Writing will be a part of your calendar and your life, as all the things you count important should be. I am happy to work with you in person or by phone.

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Manuscript Critique

These critiques are for writers who have drafted, in progress manuscripts or “finished” books (usually fiction, poetry, memoir, or cross-genre) that they want me to evaluate or help them improve. (This is the only one of my services in which I read writing in advance of a session.) Usually writers are open to suggestions, even for a “finished” manuscript. You may want to know how close to being publishable a manuscript is, exactly where the writing could be better, or why a manuscript seems to have lost momentum and how to finish it. Or, of course, why it keeps coming back when you send it out to a publisher.

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